November 16, 2016

Have you heard of the campaign against the use of synthetic and unnatural materials for yoga clothing items? This one is sizzling, recline on your sofa and learn about this debate.
The use of synthetic material in order to produce clothing lines and items is becoming more and more frequent, especially among famous and large brands that sell yoga gear as part of their sports attire lines. These substances can be anything from polyester to nylon and acrylic, since they all have positive attributes that enhance the durability of the textile. The problem begins when one questions whether they stay true to yoga.
With the importance yoga puts on breathing, you want your clothes to support your body language and breathe with you. At ripple, we dedicate our entire line to natural textiles. Gone are the days of sweat in, sweat in. We invite you to sweat it out with our knitted fabrics and release the air and moisture as it should. Avoid the rash that synthetic cloths causes and allow your body to engage in a natural cleansing processes. Our clothes will give you the freedom to focus on your inner self rather than the looks of your body.
When considering global effects, you should also take into consideration the fact that synthetic textiles cause harm to the environment. They are usually made by means of a process using harmful chemicals which can leech into the ground, the water, and in other aspects of the environment. They can also be absorbed by humans whilst they are wearing them.
Our exercise clothes flow with you naturally, allowing you to breathe, stretch, and meditate so you won’t have to worry about synthetic substances triggering any of these dangers in your life. This way you can truly live the yoga way by doing no harm to anything or anyone. Staying healthy shouldn't be a burden, but rather something to enjoy.